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Study Questions

  1. Who coined the term "the Metropolitan Bopera House"?
  2. Who had 306 cats in her house?
  3. Who was Dizzy Gillespie referring to when he said, "Without him, ... there's no me!"?
  4. Where is the Institute of Jazz Studies located?
  5. In what category has Dan Morgenstern won 8 Grammys?
  6. Who did Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong record "Happy Birthday" for?
  7. What tune's famous last chorus recorded by Louis Armstrong was used as the basis for Eddie Durham's "Swinging the Blues"? (hint: read Dan Morgenstern's Grammy liner notes on" Louis Armstrong—Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 1923-1934.")
  8. What famous arranger would frequently call on Dan Morgenstern to supply him tapes of what were at the time rare and unavailable records?
  9. What is perhaps the first right-wing blues in history? (hint: it contains, in fact, of all things, a plug for Ronald Reagan.)