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The History of Jazz Drums

Loren Schoenberg and Mel Lewis discuss and analyze the histories, techniques, equipment, and ensembles of jazz drummers in an epic eight part presentation from 1989. Drummers discussed include:

Warren "Baby" Dodds

Zutty Singleton

Ben Pollack

Eddie Marshall

Paul Barbarin

Stan King

Chick Webb

Gene Krupa

Sonny Greer

Jo Jones

Dave Tough

Sid Catlett

Shadow Wilson

Buddy Rich

Kenny Clarke

Max Roach

Shelly Manne

Art Blakey

Tiny Kahn

Roy Haynes

Philly Joe Jones

Louie Bellson

Elvin Jones  


 Loren Schoenberg  discusses drums and drummers with Mel Lewis. This is part 7, about Roy Haynes. Loren says, "If I could do it again, we would have heard from Now He Sings, Now He Sobs (Chick Corea), Bird at St. Nick's, a trio with Bud Powell, and few others."

01 Warren "Baby" Dodds Zutty Singleton 1A [transcript]

03 Ben Pollack Eddie Marshall Paul Barbarin Stan King 2A

05 Chick Webb Gene Krupa 3A

07 Sonny Greer Jo Jones 4A              

09 Dave Tough Sid Catlett  5A         

11 Sid Catlett Shadow Wilson 6A

13 Buddy Rich 7A                         

15 Kenny Clarke Max Roach 8A

17 Max Roach 9A                             

19 Shelly Manne 10A                            

21 Art Blakey 11A                                   

23 Tiny Kahn 12A                                      

25 Roy Haynes 13A                                 

27 Philly Joe Jones 14A                         

29 Louie Bellson 15A                         

31 Elvin Jones 16A                              

02 Warren "Baby" Dodds Zutty Singleton 1B

04 Ben Pollack Eddie Marshall Paul Barbarin Stan King 2B

06 Chick Webb Gene Krupa 3B

08 Sonny Greer Jo Jones 4B            

10 Dave Tough Sid Catlett 5B            

12 Sid Catlett Shadow Wilson 6B

14 Buddy Rich 7B                           

16 Kenny Clarke Max Roach 8B

18 Max Roach 9B                                

20 Shelly Manne 10B                             

22 Art Blakey  11B                                 

24 Tiny Kahn 12B                                          

26 Roy Haynes 13B                             

28  Philly Joe Jones 14B                        

30 Louie Bellson 15B                                 

32 Elvin Jones 16B