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NEA Art Works LogoThrough a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and Texas State University, a complete retrospective, including new short videos and audio recordings, of Dan Morgenstern are available for public use at no charge and distributed to radio stations, shared with educators, and archived on this website.

The project digitally preserves Dan Morgenstern's first-hand knowledge and scholarly research, his lifelong career as a jazz advocate, his unique perspective on Kansas City Jazz, early jazz, the history of Big Bands and artists, innovations in jazz composition and arranging, and how it enabled the transition stylistically to bebop improvisation.

This is an exceptional opportunity to engage youth and take advantage of a NEA Jazz Master’s knowledge in jazz and its history. There is a special educational section providing study and course outlines for high school and college level classes.

Media Collections are also developing collections for Eddie Durham and Loren Schoenberg.