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Education - HPPAA H-Project Performing Arts Association

HPPAA (H Project Performing Arts Association) is deeply committed to supporting and promoting jazz and music education. As part of our dedication to nurturing the future of jazz, we have collaborated with Double Vision to develop a range of educational projects and concerts that prioritize the educational aspect. These initiatives aim to empower and inspire aspiring musicians while fostering a deep appreciation for jazz among students and the wider community.

One of our key endeavors is educational outreach. Understanding the significance of investing in the next generation of jazz musicians, we have partnered with Double Vision to organize workshops and masterclasses at the prestigious Texas State University School of Music. These educational sessions are not only limited to university students but are also open to the public, creating opportunities for music enthusiasts of all backgrounds and ages to engage with jazz at a deeper level. Through these interactive and immersive experiences, we aim to instill a passion for jazz, educate participants on various aspects of the genre, and provide valuable insights and guidance to aspiring musicians.

The workshops and masterclasses conducted by Double Vision under the support of HPPAA offer a unique opportunity for participants to learn directly from accomplished jazz musicians and educators. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including improvisation techniques, composition and arranging, jazz theory, ensemble playing, and performance skills. Participants have the chance to receive personalized instruction, engage in group collaborations, and gain invaluable insights into the nuances and intricacies of jazz music. By creating this educational platform, we strive to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their musical journeys.

In addition to the educational workshops and masterclasses, HPPAA and Double Vision collaborate on a series of concerts with an educational focus. These concerts are designed not only to entertain but also to educate and inspire audiences. Through engaging performances, jazz enthusiasts of all ages can witness the mastery and artistry of Double Vision while deepening their understanding of jazz music. The concerts incorporate elements such as informative introductions, explanations of jazz concepts, and interactive Q&A sessions, allowing audiences to gain insights into the historical and cultural significance of jazz and its evolving nature.

Furthermore, HPPAA supports the development and distribution of educational materials related to jazz and music education. By partnering with Double Vision, we aim to create resources such as instructional videos, educational publications, and online learning platforms that can reach a wider audience and support music education initiatives beyond the confines of live events. These educational materials serve as valuable tools for students, educators, and enthusiasts alike, providing them with accessible and comprehensive resources to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of jazz music.

Through our collaboration with Double Vision and our emphasis on educational initiatives, HPPAA strives to make a lasting impact on the jazz community and music education landscape. By fostering a love for jazz, providing educational opportunities, and supporting the development of resources, we hope to inspire a new generation of jazz musicians, educators, and enthusiasts who will carry forward the rich legacy of this art form.


Hill Country Jazz Festival Duke Ellington Orchestra!

Duke Ellington

Texas State University is excited to announce the 35th annual Hill Country Jazz Festival. After two years of online and delayed festivals, we are beyond excited at the prospect of seeing high school jazz students and directors on our campus again! The festival will be held on Saturday, February 4, 2023, on the beautiful Texas State University campus. In addition to our excellent facilities, including a just-completed renovation to Evans Auditorium, our outstanding adjudicators, clinicians, and performers promise to make this a memorable experience. As a non-competitive event, The Hill Country Jazz Festival does not select winners but does recognize exemplary big bands, combos, and individual instrumentalists with “Outstanding Performance Awards.”

We are excited to announce that this year’s guest artist is the legendary Duke Ellington Orchestra! Many of you attended four years ago when we hosted the Count Basie Orchestra and remember what a wonderful (and crowded) event that was. We expect this to be the same. While we strive to make festival performances free, the economics of a group like the Ellington Orchestra don’t make that feasible. General tickets for the concert will be $15, but for schools bringing groups larger than 10 the per-ticket cost will be just $5! This is a great deal to see one of the premier jazz groups in the world and I hope you and your students will be able to attend!

Bands will perform throughout the day on Saturday, February 4, in Evans Auditorium and the Performing Arts Center. At 5 p.m., there will be an hour-long clinic presented by a member of the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Immediately following the clinic, the Duke Ellington Orchestra will take the stage at Evans Auditorium.

Jazz ensembles wishing to participate in the Hill Country Jazz Festival should complete the enclosed application and return it by mail with the non-refundable $200 by January 12. Because of limited seating, we have to restrict the number of bands in the festival to 16, that’s why I’m letting you know early!

In addition to the above activities, an all-star big band will play a free concert on Friday, February 3, at 7:30 p.m. in Evans Auditorium as part of the Eddie Durham Celebration. The band will feature Count Basie Orchestra tenor saxophonist Doug Lawrence, members of the Texas State jazz faculty, and Texas State alumni. The evening will also include a talk by Director of the National Jazz Museum Loren Schoenberg. We hope you can attend both events, but all school performances are only on Saturday, February 4.

We look forward to your participation!


NARAS Foundation, Inc.

Grammy in the School

HPPAA was invited to participate in an educational INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP, SEMINAR, AND MASTER CLASS sponsored by the NARAS Foundation, Inc.
Citywide Austin high schoolers attended.


Mathematics in Concert: Orchestrating Instruction for the 21st Century


HPPAA Director Hank Hehmsoth coordinated with the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Association of Supevisors of Mathematics, and the Texas Council of Teachers in Mathematics to provide corollaries in math and music in several presentations during the three day conference:
"Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching."



International Joint Conference on Latin-American and Modern Music


H Project Director/Composer Hehmsoth won top honors with a string quartet, “X-trusions- a déjà vu in 4D.” The piece was performed during the International Joint Conference on Latin-American and Modern Music.
*1st Place in the 2010 National Association of Composers, USA, Texas Composition Competition.