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Dan Morgenstern - Louis Armstrong - Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 1923-1934

Dan Morgenstern Grammy Award for Best Album Notes 1994

Louis Armstrong Portrait
Louis Armstrong Portrait

Here are Dan's musical commentaries on each track, as well as the definitive essay on Armstrong's early life.


(text searchable transcript created and provided for research and education under a National Endowment for the Arts -Art Works grant # 1807859-31 “Reminiscences of NEA Jazz Master Dan Morgenstern”)

Content includes His Orchestra, Bertha "Chippie" Hill, Bessie Smith, Caroll Dickerson's Savoyagers, Clarence Williams' Blue Five, Earl Hines, Erskine Tate's Vendome Orchestra, Fletcher Henderson, HIS ALL STARS, His Hot Five, His Hot Seven, His Savoy Ballroom Five, His Sebastian New Cotton Club Orchestra, Hociel Thomas, Jimmie Rodgers, Johnny Dodds And His Black Bottom Stompers, King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, Lillie Delk Christian, Louis Daniel Armstrong, Maggie Jones, Margaret Johnson, Nolan Welsh, Seger Ellis, and Southern Serenaders