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Dan Morgenstern - Art Tatum, God Is in the House (1973)

Dan Morgenstern Grammy Award for Best Album Notes 1973

Art Tatum God Is In The House
Art Tatum God Is In The House 1973

Read Dan's liner notes for "God Is In The House" ONYX 205

ART TATUM GOD IS IN THE HOUSE - Full album notes

(text searchable transcript created and provided for research and education under a National Endowment for the Arts -Art Works grant # 1807859-31 “Reminiscences of NEA Jazz Master Dan Morgenstern”)

Tatum is considered one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time. His performances were hailed for their technical proficiency and creativity, which set a new standard for jazz piano virtuosity.

Dan not only knew Art Tatum well, but presented him as a soloist for the first time, which Tatum was extremely grateful, and thanked him for.