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Morgenstern - Interviews: Smithsonian Jazz

Smithsonian Jazz Oral History Program

Smithsonian Jazz

NEA Jazz Master Dan Morgenstern interview

provided by the National Endowment for the Arts. 
13 MP3s |     Complete Transcript (83 pages)


Dan discusses his role as the editor of Downbeat
Dan describes escaping from Austria to Denmark
Dan describes jazz in Denmark
Escaping to Sweden Part II      
Dan discusses how he began collecting jazz books
Dan describes booking Art Tatum for his first solo piano concert
Dan describes his interview with Ornette Coleman
Dan describes how his family newspaper was taken away by the Nazis
Dan remembers his first encounter with jazz
Dan describes escaping to Sweden Part I
Dan talks about becoming interested in jazz after the war
Dan talks about becoming friends with Tad Dameron
Dan describes discovering a record of Coleman Hawkins singing